What we do


Naloxone Community Distribution and Overdose Prevention Education

We prioritize naloxone distribution to people who use drugs, close friends and family. We work with local drug user communities to build a network of accessible naloxone distribution and overdose prevention education.

Post Overdose Follow-up

We believe that overdose aftercare and follow-up for participants is essential. This support includes individual and group debriefing of overdose reversals, refresher trainings, and processing overdose deaths.

Collective Organizing and Advocacy

We believe that a statewide and collective response can be built that prioritizes the voices of drug users. Community naloxone educators will come together to share experiences and develop direct demands for statewide policy and legislative changes.

Overdose Prevention Consultation and Capacity Building

We acknowledge that no one organization has ownership over overdose prevention and drug-user rights in Maine. MAP works with local organizations to build their internal capacity for naloxone distribution, overdose response protocols, as well as overdose prevention and harm reduction education.

Community-Based Research and Knowledge Sharing

We prioritize the lived experience of people who use drugs and utilize data collection, storytelling, and community dialogues as means to gain knowledge surrounding drug use in Maine. We are committed to privileging these narratives and to sharing them through media, writing, and art. 


get naloxone

If you are interested in receiving naloxone, call or text us at 207-319-8823.

Maine Access Points will provide you with naloxone in person or via mail at your request. Refills are available and we will provide regular check-ins for support and aftercare. We ask that all participants complete an intake over the phone, in person, or through video chat. Information shared is voluntary. All participants will receive education about naloxone administration and overdose prevention.

Who we are

Maine Access Points (MAP) is a harm reduction organization that works with Mainers to grow community capacity for overdose prevention and naloxone distribution, safer drug use, and support systems for people who use drugs.


To recognize the resiliency of people who use drugs and to work in collaboration to create access points for overdose prevention and harm reduction services in Maine.


  • We believe that all people have the right to access health care and meet their basic needs

  • We believe that people are the experts of their lives and have the right to choice and self-determination

  • We believe that all people have the right to safety and respect

  • We believe in ground-up, collective organizing

  • We hold ourselves accountable to the communities we work within

  • We recognize the impact of the war on drugs on all people, but especially communities of color

  • We hold critical hope that all people can heal from the injustices and trauma they have experienced

  • We commit to creating a world that rejects and deconstructs all forms of hate and oppression and we commit to reflecting on our own internalized oppression

  • We believe people have the right to naloxone, sterile injection supplies, and safe injection spaces

  • We believe that people do not have to die from their drug use


This documentary-style training film, made by Sawbuck Productions in association with Chicago Recovery Alliance (www.anypositivechange.org), provides instruction on how to recognize opioid overdose and respond effectively using a combination of rescue breathing and injectable naloxone, a pure opiate antagonist. This is an actual overdose reversal caught on film in November 2008.

more information

Harm reduction tools and advocacy: www.harmreduction.org

Ending the war on drugs: www.drugpolicy.com

Drug information and experience reports: https://www.erowid.org/psychoactives/psychoactives.shtml

Needle Exchange Sites

Portland Needle Exchange - Portland: https://www.portlandmaine.gov/866/Needle-Exchange

Health Equity Alliance - Bangor, Ellsworth, Belfast, Machias: https://www.mainehealthequity.org/syringe-exchange

MaineGeneral Harm Reduction - Augusta, Waterville: https://www.mainegeneral.org/Pages/MaineGeneral-Harm-Reduction-Program.aspx


Call or text 207-319-8823

email: info@maineaccesspoints.org